This Viking ship is sailing across a tissue paper sea to pillage an unsuspecting English village.

You will need:

  • White or blue paper for background
  • Brown paper cut into longship shapes
  • Squares of white paper for sails
  • Circles of coloured paper for shields
  • Torn strips of tissue paper in assorted blue shades for the sea
  • Straws (paper or plastic) for masts
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Paint pens or other colouring equipment

In advance prepare the shapes the children will need for the picture. I made the ships from the sort of brown paper that is used for parcels, as that has a striped texture that looks a bit like wooden planking. But any paper will do. Punch two holes in the sails to poke the mast through.

It is probably easier to glue the ship down first and then add the other bits. Get the children to decorate the sail before they glue it. (Stripes look good, but are not essential.) The straw mast does not need to be glued down as long as the sail is. If you glue the sail along the top and bottom edges it can billow out from the picture.

The tissue paper sea can be as stormy as you like!


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(You may find it as “How to be a Viking” which is the title it has been published under more recently.)