img_20161125_094853These angels’ wings are made from the children’s handprints, so even the smallest of them can contribute to the craft.

You will need:

  • yellow paint (metallic paints could be good too)
  • a sponge or tray to put the paint in
  • dark blue, black or purple paper for background
  • white paper to print the wings on
  • coloured paper for faces
  • paper doilies or tissue for the angels’ robes
  • silver or gold paper or card for the haloes
  • pens to draw on the faces

Prepare circles of coloured paper to make the angels’ faces, and ovals of shiny paper or card for the haloes.  For the robes I used a sixth of a paper doily, but you could use tissue or other paper if you don’t have doilies.  Pour some paint into a small tray or onto a large sponge.  (We used a sponge.)

Get the children to press their hands into the paint and then make prints on the white paper.  It doesn’t matter whether they do prints from different hands or the same hand, both look fine.  While one adult washes the child’s hands, another can cut roughly round the prints to make wings.  If the paper has become very wet, let it dry a bit before you start on the glueing.

Glue all the bits onto the background paper.  The angels look best if you glue the head on last, otherwise they might have their faces obscured by the wings or the halo!

We used metallic marker pens to draw the faces on, and glitter pens to add sparkle to the picture.

Story: Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-38)

We got this idea from the “Christmas is coming” series in:

The Big Red Book (Tiddlywinks) The Big Red Book (Tiddlywinks); Scripture Union Publishing 2002WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle 

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