img_20161114_151256For our Guy Fawkes’ Day craft, metallic pens and stickers produce a fantastic firework display on black card or paper.

You will need:

  • Black paper or card
  • Orange or other contrasting colour paper or card
  • Metallic marker pens and/or glitter pens
  • Shiny stickers (we used stars and dots)
  • Optional if you plan in advance: foam firework stickers from Baker Ross or similar supplier
  • Glue

Prepare by cutting out silhouettes of a streetscape from your contrast colour paper or card.

Children should glue the streetscape to the bottom of the picture, and then fill the sky with stickers and pen streaks and dots to give the impression of a lot of fireworks going off. They can also draw windows on the buildings.

Story: I couldn’t find a story about actual fireworks, so we made do with this one about a rocket:Rocket (Little Kippers) Rocket (Little Kippers)Mick Inkpen; Hodder Children’s Books 2001WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle