p1010075The children needed a bit of adult help to make this pig, but it still felt like their own work!

You will need:

  • Pink A4 card
  • Darker pink card or paper: cut circles for pig’s snouts
  • Template for pig shape (Pig template PDF)
  • Pens, pencils or crayons
  • Glue

Either print the pig outline onto pink card, or print a single copy of it to use as a template. Fold the pink card along the dotted line and cut out pig outlines. Be careful not to tear or cut the pig’s head off!

Fold the pig’s neck down so its head points downwards and its ears point up! Fold the pig’s feet so that two stick out in front and two behind. If you are lucky it will stand up. You may need to adjust the amount the pig’s body is folded to get it balancing right.

Make tails with the offcuts from your pink card, and curl them either using scissors or just wrapping them round a glue stick or your fingers.

Glue on a snout and a curly tail. Draw eyes (or you could stick googly ones on), mouth, colour pig’s feet and anything else you fancy.

If you can’t get your pig to stand up, you could glue its feet to a piece of card.

Story: The Pig in the Pond The Pig in the PondMartin Waddell; Walker Books Ltd 2006WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle BooksBookFinderHive.co.uk 


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