This wily fox is made from equilateral triangles of five different sizes.

You will need:

  • Orange, white and black paper to cut into triangles
  • Contrasting paper to use as a background
  • Scissors
  • Compasses or 60º set square to help you make the triangles, or a template if I make one for you 🙂
  • Glue

In advance, cut out triangles. The idea of using equilateral triangles is that each side is the same length, so it doesn’t matter which way round they go. I used the following (measurements approximate length of one side) :

Body: orange, 14cm

Head: orange, 12cm

Tail: orange and white, 6cm

Tummy: white, 6cm

Ears: orange, 4.5cm with black, 2.5cm

Eyes: white, 2.5cm

Nose: black, 2.5cm

The children can then glue the pieces down to make a picture and colour it further if they want.


The fox and the crow The fox and the crow: based on a story by AesopRosie Dickins; Usborne 2014WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle 

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