img_20160922_094529285This week’s theme was “I can hear”, so the obvious thing to do was to make animal ears to wear.

You will need:

  • Ear shape templates – I have provided rabbits, bears and pigs, or you can of course draw your own!
  • White card
  • Coloured card strips to make headbands
  • Stapler or sellotape
  • Crayons

Print and cut out templates.

Fold white card in half, and use a template to cut a pair of ears for the children to colour. (Or you may be able to get more ears from a single piece of card if you do things differently.)

A couple of long strips of coloured card stapled together should make a child’s headband. You can wrap it round the child’s head to work out where to staple it together. (Don’t staple it to the child!) For an adult you probably need an extra half strip.

Once the ears have been coloured (on both sides if they are keen!) you can cut a slit up from the bottom and then overlap the two sides slightly in order to get the ear to curve slightly. But this isn’t necessary, and makes it more fiddly to attach the ears to the headband.

img_20160922_094423674Staple the ears to the band and let the child wear them – if they want to!

You can use sticky tape instead of staples, or cover staples with tape if you’re worried about children scratching themselves on the staples.

Story: Jesus heals a deaf man, Mark 7:31-37

Songs: Old Macdonald had a farm
The dingle-dangle scarecrow
and anything else that has good noises or talks about noise!

We got this idea from The Big Blue Book (Tiddlywinks) The Big Blue Book (Tiddlywinks); Scripture Union Publishing 2002WorldCatLibraryThingGoogle